MSS SP-43 Wrought and Fabricated Butt Welding Fittings for Low Pressure,Corrosion Resistant Applications

1.1 This Standard Practice provides dimensions, tolerances, and markings for butt welding fittings for low pressure,corrosion resistant applications.
1.2 This Standard Practice covers only fittings made for use with Schedule 5S or 10S pipe,for all NPS sizes listed in ASME B36.19M,except that for short pattern stub ends suitable for use with Schedule 40S are also shown.
2.1 Standards and specifications adopted by reference in this Standard Practice are shown in Annex A for convenience of identifying edition
number,date and source of supply.
3.1 Fittings covered by this Standard Practice are not pressure rated;however,they must be capable of withstanding 30% of the allowable pressure rating of the pipe with which they are marked.
3.2 For fittings of same pressure rating of matching pipe,refer to ASME B16.9.
4.1 The size of the fittings in Tables 1 through 6 are identified by the corresponding nominal pipe size.
5.1 Each fitting shall be marked to show the following:
a) Manufacturer’s name or trademark
b) “CR” followed by the material identification symbol established for the respective grade in the appropriate ASTM or AISI specifications
c) Manufacturer’s heat identification number
d) Schedule number or nominal wall thickness designation
e) Size
5.2 Where the size of the fittings does not permit complete marking,Sections 5.1 a) and c) are mandatory.The other marking and identification
marks may be omitted in the sequence specified in MSS SP-25.
5.3 The required markings shall be made by any suitable method that is not injurious to the fitting.

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