Precautions when stamping elbows for welding

In order to prevent the erosion of the stamping elbow due to heating,the welding current should not be too large,about 20% less than the carbon steel electrode,the arc should not be too long, the layer is fast cold,and the narrow bead is suitable.The size is from 1/2 inch to 76 inch.

Stainless steel 180 degree pipe  elbows finished in Haihao Group

Stainless steel 180 degree pipe elbows finished in Haihao Group

The punching elbow has high hardenability after welding and easily produces cracks. If the same type of stamping elbow is used for welding, it is necessary to perform preheating at 300 °C or higher and slow cooling at around 700 °C after welding. If the weldment cannot be post-weld heat treated. A stamped elbow electrode should be used.

Carbon steel 45 degree elbows

Carbon steel 45 degree elbows

The stamping elbow has certain corrosion resistance (oxidizing acid, organic acid, cavitation), heat resistance and wear resistance. Generally used in pipeline systems in the oil, natural gas, chemical, hydropower, construction and boiler industries.

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