Difference between hot pressing elbow and stamping elbow

Elbow is a kind of pipe fitting used in pipe turning. The common forming process of seamless elbow includes hot pressing, stamping, extrusion and so on. So, do you know the difference between hot pressing elbow and stamping elbow?

The differences between hot pressing elbow and stamping elbow mainly include the following three aspects:

The process is different

Hot pressing elbow is a kind of elbow made by heating the pipe, processing it with professional equipment, cutting it and heating it to the critical temperature. After holding for a period of time, it is quickly put into the quenching agent to make its temperature drop suddenly. Its cooling speed is faster than the critical cooling speed.

Stamping elbow, also known as stamping welding elbow. It is the same information as the pipe, stamping into a semicircle elbow with a die, and then welding the two semicircle elbows together.

180 degree elbows

180 degree elbows

The manufacturing time is different

The hot pressing elbow needs a certain temperature to reach a certain zero point, and the manufacturing speed is relatively slow.

Stamping elbow is processed by stamping die and stamping equipment. High speed pressure can reach hundreds or even 1000 times per minute, and each stamping stroke can get a stamping part. Therefore, compared with hot pressing elbow, the production efficiency of stamping elbow is very high, and the time consumption is very small.

Stamping elbows

Stamping elbows

The production risk coefficient is different

Hot pressed elbow is formed by high temperature, need high temperature, easy to form scald. Stamping elbow for automatic mechanical stamping, do not need too much manual operation, relatively safe.

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