Marine Stamping Elbow

Stamping elbow manufacturing process is the earliest application of batch production of seamless elbow forming process. In commonly used elbow specifications and models, stamping elbow has been replaced by hot push elbow, but in some specifications and models of the elbow because the number of production is less, the wall thickness is too thin or too thick, products have special requirements before the use of stamping production manufacturing process.

EN 10253-2 carbon steel 90 degree elbows and concentric reducers

EN 10253-2 carbon steel 90 degree elbows and concentric reducers

In the forming process of the stamping elbow, the diameter should be the same as that of the produced elbow. Stamping elbow is divided into cold stamping and hot stamping. Press elbow production manufacturing craft is inferior to push make elbow, quality appearance is inferior to former, press elbow is in when forming outer arc is in stretch condition, have no other place redundant metal undertakes compensation, so the wall thickness of outer arc place reduces about 10% or so. However, due to the characteristics of being applicable to unit manufacturing and low cost, the stamping elbow manufacturing process is applicable to the production and manufacturing of small-batch production and high-pressure thick-wall stamping elbow.

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