Hot push marine elbow

Hot push marine elbow is a kind of technology used in the manufacture of seamless elbow. Using elbow pusher,core mould and heating device,using the blank material on the mould to move forward under the push of the elbow pusher,heating and expanding the diameter and bending the forming process during the operation of the pipe.

The characteristic of hot push elbow is to determine the diameter of the tube billet according to the law of the volume invariable before and after plastic deformation of metal materials. In the process of heating and deformation of the pipe,the pipe can be compensated to thin other parts due to expanding diameter,so the elbow with uniform wall thickness can be obtained.

The pushing process of pipe elbow

The pushing process of pipe elbow

Push out of the marine elbow,beautiful appearance,uniform wall thickness can be continuously produced,can be mass produced push system elbow, so the general carbon steel elbow, alloy elbow production and manufacturing of the main process is to choose push system manufacturing, and also used in the molding of some non-standard stainless steel elbow.

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