Introduction of stamping elbows

What is a stamping elbow?

Stamping elbow,its full name is stamping welding elbow,is produced through using pressing tool to make the board having the same material with the pipe become a half block of annular elbow and then weld the two half elbow together.Due to the difference of various pipe welding standards,and site operation is usually welding according to pipe weld grade,therefore,it is also known as the two-half welding elbow.

Stainless steel 304 butt weld 90 degee elbows

Stainless steel 304 butt weld 90 degee elbows

Manufacturing process of stamping elbow:

Stamping elbow processing is by means of the power of conventional or special equipment, resulting in the deformation of sheet metal in the mould,thereby to gain a certain shape,size and function.Sheet metal,stamping mould and equipment are the three elements of elbow processing.Forging processing is a kind of metal cold deformation processing method,so it is also called cold stamping or sheet metal stamping.It is one of the main methods of metal plastic processing(or pressure processing),also part of the material forming engineering technology.Currently on the market most of the stamping elbow has high pressure and thick wall,among which intermediate frequency cannot push will use stamping process.

There are many kinds of stamping materials for stamping elbows,which are widely used.They are forming a large-scale high-tech industry group,which has a very broad market prospect and extremely important strategic significance.Stamping materials can be classified into different categories according to different classification standards. According to their performance, they can be divided into microelectronic materials, photoelectronic materials, sensor materials, information materials, biomedical materials, ecological environment materials and energy materials. These stamping materials have different performance and show good use value in different fields and industries.

Carbon steel elbow packed in wooden cases

Carbon steel elbow packed in wooden cases

Standard of stamping elbow:

The commonly stamping elbow standards are British standard,German standard,Japanese standard,the United States standard etc.And the united states ANSI B16.9 and ANSI B16.28 are the most used.The outer diameter range of this standard is from 1/2″ to 80″.Generally,stamping elbows with the outer diameter equal to or less than 24″ are made of the seamless steel pipe,and those with the outer diameter from 26″ to 80″ are made of steel plates through the stamping process and then are welded.The maximum of wall thickness of the stamping elbow is 60mm,the minimum is 1.24mm.The most commonly used steel materials are carbon steel,alloy steel and stainless steel.There are totally 24 grades of steel.The CrMo steel like 15Cr used for the boiler usually has the large consumption.The outer diameter of the tee is from 2.5″ to 60″,and the tee with the outer diameter from 26″ to 60″ belong to the welded tee which often has wall thickness between 28mm and 60mm.

Carbon steel 45 degree elbows

Carbon steel 45 degree elbows

Appication of stamping elbows:

The stamping elbow has good comprehensive properties.It is widely used in the chemical industry,construction,water supply,drainage, petroleum,light and heavy industry,refrigeration,sanitation,plumbing,fire protection,electric power,aerospace,shipbuilding and other fundamental projects.

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