Welding of stainless steel elbows

Stainless steel elbow is a very wide range of application of pipe components, the main role of this pipe is to change the direction of the straight pipe, so in the pipeline construction we can often see this pipe.

Stainless steel welding elbow is actually a variety of stainless steel pipe connectors, the performance of this elbow is very good, and very convenient in use, it is because of this, stainless steel elbow will be widely used in all kinds of pipeline construction. At the time of storage, must not make stainless steel elbow and other metal direct contact, the need to use some soft medium for stainless steel elbow barrier, so that when the impact can play a good buffering effect, prevent damage to stainless steel elbow.

Stainless steel 90 degree elbows

Stainless steel 90 degree elbows

When welding stainless steel elbow, the temperature had better be controlled within 600 degrees Celsius, which can ensure that the stainless steel elbow structure will not be damaged. During welding, the stainless steel is protected by argon gas, which prevents it from reacting with other elements in the air when heated. When cutting stainless steel elbow, avoid the use of ordinary wheel cutting, to use stainless steel welding elbow dedicated grinding wheel, of course, can also be plasma cutting.

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