How to clean and install stainless steel elbow?

The main material of stainless steel elbow is stainless steel. This special material will not be corroded for a long time and will not oxidize and rust, but corrosion will still occur in some cases. So in the stainless steel elbow cleaning and installation process we should pay attention to the correct operation in order to maintain its performance.

1.The following two aspects should be paid attention to when cleaning the stainless steel elbow:

(1) according to the working environment and stainless steel elbow surface conditions to choose alkaline solvent, chlorine solvent sandblasting, shot peening and other methods for cleaning.

(2) do not use acid solvent to clean the surface of stainless steel elbow. Only the correct cleaning of stainless steel elbow can ensure its safety in the use process, in order to extend its service life.

Stainless steel 180 degree pipe elbows finished in Haihao Group

Stainless steel 180 degree pipe elbows finished in Haihao Group

2.During the installation process, we need to pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) before installation, carefully check whether the stainless steel elbow is standard and whether the size meets the use requirements to minimize the defects caused in the process of transportation. Remove stains from the stainless steel elbow.

(2) install the stainless steel elbow on the pipe in accordance with the connection mode.

(3) stainless steel elbow in the installation to prevent the occurrence of leakage phenomenon.

(4) stainless steel elbow valve bolts to evenly tighten, not skew.

(5) stainless steel elbow ball valve, globe valve, gate valve in the use of the process, can only be fully open or fully closed.

(6) when stainless steel elbow welding, its electrode in the use of the process to keep dry, but do not repeat drying, otherwise it will crack off. Also be careful not to let the electrode skin stick oil and other dirty things, otherwise it will increase the carbon content of the weld and affect the quality of the weld. The carbide precipitated by repeated heating during welding of the stainless steel elbow will reduce the corrosion resistance and other mechanical properties of the stainless steel elbow, so it is easy to crack. Therefore, if the welding part can not be heat treatment after welding, it is necessary to use chromium nickel stainless steel electrode.

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