What are the welding requirements of stainless steel pipe fittings?

Due to the different sizes of stainless steel pipe fittings, according to the unique welding characteristics of stainless steel pipe fittings, it is necessary to reduce the heat input as much as possible, so manual arc welding and argon arc welding are adopted. D >Φ159 mm adopts argon arc welding, manual arc welding covering. D ≦ Φ 159 mm all adopt argon arc welding. The welding technical requirements of stainless steel pipe fittings are as follows:

Stainless steel pipe fittings

Stainless steel pipe fittings

  1. Dc reverse connection is adopted in manual arc welding, and dc positive connection is adopted in argon arc welding;
  2. 2.argon arc welding, the nozzle Φ 2 mm in diameter, extremely rich tungsten tungsten electrode, specifications Φ 2.5 mm;
  3. Before welding, clean up oil stains in the range of 25 mm on both sides of the groove of the workpiece and wash the range of 25 mm on both sides of the groove with acetone;
  4. Before welding, the welding wire shall be brushed off with stainless steel wire brush and washed with acetone;The electrode should be dried at 200-250℃ for 1h, take and use;
  5.  Argon arc welding of stainless steel, the back must be filled with argon protection, to ensure the formation of the back. The flow rate was 5-14 l /min, and the flow rate of argon on the front was 12-13 l /min.
  1. The welding seam thickness should be as thin as possible during the base welding, with excellent fusion with the root, the arc should be in a gentle slope when the arc is closed, if there is a shrinkage hole of the arc closing, the application of a polishing machine to remove.It is necessary to start the arc and extinguish the arc in the groove. When extinguishing the arc, the arc pit should be filled to prevent the crack of the arc pit.

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