Advantages of alloy elbows

Hebei Haihao Group has been producing high quality elbows of various materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy, etc.). Today, the advantages of alloy elbows are mainly introduced.

A335 P11 LR  90 degree elbow

A335 P11 LR 90 degree elbow

Excellent Wear Resistance

Chromium rare earth boron wear resistant alloy and hardness in alloy elbow can be controlled in HRC 45-65 range according to different working conditions, and it has high toughness.

Good Thermal Vibration Resistance

Because the thermal expansion coefficients of the inner and outer layers of the composite wear-resistant elbow are equal, there will be no internal cracking or early failure in the case of high and frequent changes.

Strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance

Because of the composition and structure characteristics of Ralpha carbide and the strong heat and corrosion resistance of the matrix containing Cr in solid solution, the alloy elbow shows good corrosion resistance and wear resistance at high temperature or under corrosive environment by adding Mo. Adding a certain amount of rare earth makes the internal structure of the alloy denser and forms a layer of protection on the surface. Membrane to prevent carbon seepage.