What is pipe fittings’ hardness test?

The so-called pipe fittings’ hardness is the ability of a material to resist the pressing of a harder material into its surface.According to different test methods and adaptation range,pipe fittings’ hardness has different units,brinell hardness is one of them.

Pipe fittings’ hardness test is one of the most important indicators for testing material properties,one of the fast and the economical test methods.The reason why it becomes common method to test mechanical properties,is that pipe fittings’ hardness test can reflect the difference on chemical composition,organization structure and processing of materials.Brinell hardness tes t range upper limit is not more than 650HBW.

Hardness testing in Haihao Group

Hardness testing in Haihao Group

Hardness Test Principle:

A test force is pressed into the surface a certain diameter of the metal sample.As required,holding a certain time,release the test force and measure the diameter of the indentation on the surface of the sample.The Brinell hardness is directly proportional to the test force divided by the quotient of the indentation surface area.