What is chemical composition test?

The chemical composition of a mixture is defined as the proportion of any pure substance,in other words,the concentration of each ingredient.

The reason why we must do chemical composition test,is that chemical composition can effect product mechanical properties a lot.Every material has its standard,which define specific content of each ingredient.For example,according to carbon content,carbon steel can be divided into low carbon steel (c≤0.25%),medium carbon steel (c 0.25%~0.6%) and high carbon steel (c >0.6%).Generally,the higher the carbon content,the higher the hardness and the higher the strength,but the lower the plasticity.So chemical composition test is very important.

chemical composition test

chemical composition test

Spectroscopic direct reading instrument will be used for chemical composition test.At the beginning,we need to prepare test piece,same material as the products.Then put test piece on the spectroscopic direct reading instrument,after it works,all chemical conposition will show in the computer.

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