How to solve the problem of oil pollution in bend?

We often see bends in our daily life, various shapes of bending bring convenience.

However, how to solve the blockage is still a problem. Some users do not operate according to the regulations or use improper methods, resulting in oil contamination on the pipeline. In addition, the service life of the elbow is shortened due to the untimely treatment. Here is the correct solution:

Carbon steel 3D pipe bends finished in Haihao Group

Carbon steel 3D pipe bends finished in Haihao Group

1.Prepare some hot water,add a little washing powder,stir evenly,and then enter the elbow to wash away the oil stain.

2.Dredge with baking soda, add baking soda, add hot water to decompose oil.

3.Use grease cleaner, spray on the oil, and then rinse with water. It is recommended to clean and dilute with mild detergent. Before using, it is recommended to know the raw material of the elbow before deciding to use it.

The above methods can clean the elbow according to different oil pollution. In the use of pipelines, sometimes it is necessary to transport different media, or its surface is exposed to more oil, which is inevitable.

The above methods are very effective to solve the problem of oil pollution.

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