What is a push elbow?

Push elbow is a kind of elbow formed by push molding. The most important manufacturing process of elbow forming is the push forming elbow. Firstly, the push elbow is fast in production, and then the push elbow can be produced in batch. In other words, the quality of push elbow is good, and the forming process of push elbow is the most important one The molding production process of.

Push elbow

Push elbow


  1. It has excellent wear resistance and has been used for more than 10 years
  2. The ceramic lining has high strength, high hardness and light weight
  3. It has good heat resistance and corrosion resistance
  4. The inner wall is smooth without blocking powder

Compared with other products in terms of material and abrasion resistance, the push elbow has a long service life than other products.

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