Processing method and production technology of bend

In the process of pipe bending, its bending is the most commonly used bending method. According to the different bending equipment, it can be divided into manual bending and machine bending.

Manual bending does not need special bending equipment. It has the advantages of simple bending device, low manufacturing cost, convenient adjustment and use, but it has high labor intensity and low productivity, so it is mainly used in small batch production. The bending machine can be divided into cored bending and coreless bending according to whether there is mandrel or not.

Carbon steel 3D pipe bends finished in Haihao Group

Carbon steel 3D pipe bends finished in Haihao Group

There are many methods for bending pipe processing. It can be divided into roll bending and push bending.

The rotary bending method is beneficial to the bending of thin-walled pipe in use. The accuracy of the bending tread will effectively affect the quality of the elbow to a certain extent. In the process of manufacturing, in addition to the specification and size need to be controlled within a certain tolerance range.

The bending pipe requires the user to select the corresponding bending tire according to the bending pipe diameter in the process of using. The material itself has the bending performance, and the corrosion of its surface can affect the quality of the elbow to a certain extent. During the field construction, the operator needs to know the material of the pipe to be processed.

Carbon steel pipe bends finished in Haihao Group

Carbon steel pipe bends finished in Haihao Group

Due to the special mandrel design of elbow, it is more difficult in the manufacturing process, and the operation of the whole equipment is not convenient. In the application of traditional oil-based lubrication products, the production efficiency of enterprises is restricted because of the fluidity and extremely difficult cleaning of oil-based lubrication products.

To a certain extent, it will pollute the production environment and working conditions. Enterprises need to spend a lot of money, manpower and material resources to clean up these pollutions.

In the traditional production process of elbow, in order to get better surface quality of elbow, our factory will adopt many methods in the process of using, such as adopting more advanced and high-grade bending machine, adopting higher strength mold, or adopting lubricating products to ensure the quality of products.

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