How to detect Zinc Coating Quality of Hot-dip Galvanized Steel?

How do you feel if you find that the galvanized flange you ordered is rusted? Do you regret not to check it before shipment?

The significance of galvanizing is to improve the corrosion resistance, save materials and resources, and play a good economic benefit and environment. Thus the coating thickness is the single most important component in determining a galvanized coating’s quality.

The coating thickness is tested using an electronic thickness gauge, which can read the thickness directly. This method is a non-destructive testing method and is the most common method used by manufacturers for inspection and product acceptance.

Measuring Zinc Coating Thickness of Hot dip Galvanized Steel

Measuring Zinc Coating Thickness of Hot dip Galvanized Steel

Coating thickness,however,is only one inspection criteria. Coating uniformity,adherence,and appearance should also be checked.

Hebei Haihao Group is a company that attaches great importance to product quality. For hot-dip galvanized products,even if the customer does not require third-party inspection, the inspectors of our own factory will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the zinc layer quality. Welcome to contact us for further information!