What’s the manufacturing technology of reducer?

Reducer, one of chemical pipe fittings, is used to connect two different pipe diameters.

The material of reducer includes stainless steel reducer (304,304l,316,316l), alloy steel and carbon steel reducer. The material of reducer includes 20 steel, Q235, Q345, 16Mn, etc.

A234 WPB Reducers

A234 WPB Reducers

Production of reducer: reducer (reducer) is a kind of pipe fitting used for pipe diameter. The commonly used forming processes are reducing pressing, expanding pressing or reducing plus expanding pressing. For some sizes of reducers, stamping can also be used.

1.The process of reducing / expanding forming big and small ends is to put the tube blank with the same diameter as the big end of the big and small ends into the forming die. By pressing along the axial direction of the tube blank, the metal moves along the die cavity and shrinks to form. According to the size of reducer, it can be divided into one-time pressing forming or multiple pressing forming.

2.In addition to using steel tube as raw material to produce reducers, stamping process can also be used to produce some large and small heads. The shape of the die used for drawing is designed according to the size of the inner surface of the reducers, and the blanking steel plate is formed by stamping and drawing with the die.

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