Pipeline products ordered by customers in Singapore

The following is a batch of products recently ordered by our customers in Singapore. The specific introduction and use are as follows:

1.Concentric Reducer

Size: 304.9mm ID x 215.9mm ID

Thickness: 25.4mm

Length: 230mm


A694 F65 Concentric Reducers

A694 F65 Concentric Reducers

The center of a circle on a straight line is called concentric reducer. The commonly used forming processes are reducing pressing, expanding pressing or reducing plus expanding pressing. For some sizes of reducers, stamping can also be used. The inside and outside of the big and small head are treated with high-grade polishing equipment to meet the requirements of surface precision.

2.MAJOR Barrel

Size: 304.9mm ID

Thickness: 25.4mm

Length: 1600mm

Material: A694-F65



In the numerical control processing, major barrel is a key forging pipe on the pressure vessel. major barrel mainly uses the plastic deformation produced by the forging machine under the pressure on the metal billet to obtain certain mechanical properties. Generally, only by hammering major barrel continuously, the original segregation, porosity and porosity in major barrel ingot can be compacted and welded with each other, the microstructure will become more compact, thus improving the plasticity and mechanical properties of the metal.

3.Long Weld Neck Flange RTJ

Size:4 inch, 87.32mm ID

Pressure: 1500#

Length: 276mm

Material: A694 F65

A694 F65 Long Weld Neck Flanges RTJ

A694 F65 Long Weld Neck Flanges RTJ

Long Weld neck flange, also known as long diameter flange, belongs to American standard flange standard system. It is a manifestation of ANSI flange and an extension of neck butt welding flange.

Advantages: the neck height is higher than the common butt welding flange, which greatly improves the rigidity and bearing capacity of the flange. The construction site is easy to install, and some procedures can be omitted.

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