What’s Incoloy?

Incoloy alloys,including Incoloy 800 and Incoloy 825, are highly sought after due to their ability to resist both oxidization and carbonization in high-temperature settings.The majority of Incoloy alloys make additions to a nickel-iron-chromium base.These additions allow the alloy to adapt to the needs of a variety of industries and enable leading metal companies to offer a range of Incoloy shapes and designs.

Incoloy 800 is a nickel-chromium alloy that is best known for its ability to maintain a stable structure during prolonged exposure to high temperatures. Incoloy 800 possesses more than the strength to withstand the basic stress caused by heat, though. It has high levels of resistance to oxidation and carbonization,making it one of the most effective materials for use in carbonizing equipment and heating element sheathing.

Incoloy 800 elbow and weld neckc flange

Incoloy 800 elbow and weld neckc flange

Incoloy 800 is as effective in many aqueous environments as it is in high-temperature situations. It has the ability to withstand erosion and other decay that is often associated with aqueous settings. Its strength and resistance give Incoloy 800 a level of versatility that is not found in many alloys. It has been used in a variety of industries and has become a mainstay in high-temp, high-exposure applications.

The additions of copper and molybdenum increase Incoloy 825’s resistance to general stress corrosion and to specific attacks such as crevice corrosion. The alloy’s particular resistance to both sulfuric and phosphoric acids has made it a popular in the chemical processing industry, and has made it versatile enough to work in both nuclear fuel reprocessing and pickling equipment.

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