Types of coated pipe

Pipeline coating is the most consistent and successful solution for protecting ERW/Seamless pipes from corrosion, from moisture, other harmful chemicals. Coated pipes are the most viable cost effective products used for transmission of oil, gas, water and other fluids. The coating provides pipelines with a constant protective layer that shield the pipes from any damaging effects of corrosion.

Coated pipes offer high resistance to corrosion on pipes and provide many benefits such as:

  1. Increased Flow Capacity –A coating on pipes helps provide a smoother surface thus improving gas and liquid flow within pipes.
  2. Reduced Cost –The pipeline coating increases the pipes durability so they can be deployed with minimum maintenance cost even in the harshest environments.
  3. Lower energy usage – Various studies have shown that pipelines that are internally coated use less energy for pumping and compression of products through pipes. This helps in increased saving over time.
  4. Clean delivery of products – The inhibitors used for the protection products can also be minimized by the use of coated pipes for delivery of products.

Thus, coating of pipelines can help you in reducing your maintenance cost and at the same time providing a corrosion free reliable protection.

Types of Coating

An excellent testing facility providing the following facilities:

  • In-house facility for raw material as well as finished coating.
  • All testing facility for external and internal coating as per various specifications.
  • Surface profile detector with printing facility.
  • Peel test assembly as per din 30670 method -II.
  • Cathodic disbandment facility for 14 tests at a time.
  • Differential scanning calorimetry from Mettle for virgin & cured epoxy.

Feature of coated pipes manufactured by us:

  1. Superb Corrosion Resistance – Our products show excellent resistance to any corrosive chemicals and ensure longer life even in harshest conditions.
  2. Withstanding High Temperature differences – Our coated pipes show high capacity to withstand any environment with temperatures ranging from +110℃ to -45℃
  3. Electricity Resistant – External Pipeline Coating offers excellent resistance to electricity.
  4. Pinhole free – Made from hot extrusion process the pipes are homogeneous and free from any pinholes
  5. Impact resistant – The external coating on pipelines also protects it from any physical damage as well while storing or transportation.
  6. Cathodic disbanding – Our products show excellent protection from cathodic disbondement.
  7. Bendability – Our pipes show excellent bendability (up to 3o ).
  8. Easy Repair options – Any surface defects that may have occurred during laying or transportation can be repaired easily.

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