The difference between the ellipsoidal head and pipe cap

For the manufacturer of flanges and pipe fittings,the pipe cap is the common fitting.Today I want to introduce a similar product-ellipsoidal head.The ellipse head product appeared in one of my customer’s order.You can see the ellipse head we produced for him and the most common pipe caps in following picture.

Ellipsoidal head and pipe caps finished in Haihao Group

Ellipsoidal head and pipe caps finished in Haihao Group

It doesn’t seem to make much difference in the pictures because the cap is about the same shape as the ellipse head.However,the cap size is relatively small and can be forged;the size of the ellipse head is relatively large,generally pressed with steel plate;the cap is generally used for the end of the pipe,and the ellipse head is used for the upper and lower parts(vertical equipment)or the left and right ends (horizontal equipment)  of the container device.The cap is generally used under low pressure conditions,which is easy to disassemble and repair.In the case of high and medium pressure,the cap is generally not used.

Generally speaking,the ellipse heads are all inner diameters,which refers to the inner diameter caps.There is no requirement for the transition part (unlike the standard oval shape),only the diameter and length can be found in the general standard,and the straight side is longer.  Generally,the diameter and length can be found in the standard,and the straight side part is longer.The cap is only the plug of the pipe. If the dimension exceeds DN 300,it is necessary to replace with the ellipse head.