PTFE-coated fasteners

The customer requires fasteners to be PTFE-coated for corrosion protection:

Long Studs 1-5/8″х 560 mm, PTFE Coated, ASME B16.5, ASTM A193 Gr B7

Nuts 1-5/8″( With Tommy Bar Holes), PTFE coated, ASME B16.5 ASTM A194 Gr 2H

PTFE coated fasteners

PTFE coated fasteners

As shown in the picture, the length of the bolt is up to 560mm. The length of the stud should be determined by the Supplier and should be sufficient to guarantee the connection of the welded and slewing or blind flange.

The nut needs to have Tommy Bar Holes. This type of nut can be used for both hand tightening and hydraulic tensioner – after pressurizing the elongated bolt, use the lever to insert the sleeve from the hole to rotate, and tighten the nut For hydraulic tightening, easy operator tightening and disassembly.

A special design used by divers, recognized world wide for use in the most adverse conditions of the under water environment to ensure effective bolted connections under water.Since Hebei Haihao Group has dealt with the PTFE coating of bolts and nuts many times, it is very experienced. After the drawings were confirmed by the customer, we communicated with the factory to ensure the smooth progress of fastener production and processing.