Introduction of forged threaded pipe fittings

Like socket weld pipe fittings,threaded pipe fittings are mainly used for small pipe diameters,generally for piping whose nominal diameter is NPS 2 or smaller.Threaded joints probably represent the oldest method of joining piping systems.

Stainless steel forged threaded elbow A182 F316 90 degree

Stainless steel forged threaded elbow A182 F316 90 degree

Threaded piping is commonly used in low-cost, noncritical applications such as domestic water,fire protection,and industrial cooling water systems.They are usually made of cast gray or malleable iron,cast brass or bronze,or forged alloy and carbon steel.They are available in three pressure ratings: Class 2000,3000 and 6000.Forged threaded fittings have relatively high installation productivity,and specialized installation skill requirements are not extensive.However,rapid temperature changes may lead to leaks due to differential thermal expansion between the pipe and fittings.Vibration can result in fatigue failures of screwed pipe joints due to the high stress intensification effects caused by the sharp notches at the base of the threads.In hazardous piping systems threaded connections should be avoided,if possible.Their vulnerability to fatigue damage is significant,especially where exposed threads are subject to corrosion.Though threaded fittings indeed have some disadvantages,their advantages far exceed disadvantages.

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