Introduction of ASME B16.11 socket weld pipe fittings

What is socket welding?

Socket welding is a pipe connection in which pipes are inserted into the wall of a valve,fitting or flange and welded.In contrast to butt welding,socket weld are usually used for small diameter pipes of 2 inches or less.

Socket welding adopts fillet weld.When high structural strength requirement and high leakage risk become design considerations,socket welding welded joint is a better choice.The fatigue strength of socket welds is lower than that of butt welds due to the use of fillet welds and abrupt changes in geometry.However,socket welded joints are superior to other mechanical link joints.

ASME B16.11 threaded equal tees

ASME B16.11 threaded equal tees

What are ASME B16.11 socket weld pipe fittings?

ASME B16.11 socket weld pipe fittings are one of the forged pipe fittings which according to the standard ASME B16.11(ASME is the registered trademark of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers).ASME B16.11 socket weld pipe fittings contain 45 degree/90 degree elbows,tees,crosses,coupling,half-coupling,cap,etc.

Types of ASME B16.11 socket weld pipe fittings by class designation and NPS size range:

Description Class Designation
 3000  6000  9000
 45 degree,90 degree elbows,  1/8-4  1/8-2  1/2-2
 tees,crosses,coupling,  1/8-4  1/8-2  1/2-2
 half coupling and cap  1/8-4  1/8-2  1/2-2
 1/8-4  1/8-2  1/2-2

Socket weld pipe fittings are a group of high-pressure pipe fittings applied in various industrial production processes,and their characteristics are as follows:

  • For conveyance of leakage-free flammable media, toxic or expensive media, and steam from 300PSI to 600PSI.
  • Only connect with ASME pipe,same diameter.
  • It is used for permanent operation of pipelines and provides better flow characteristics.
  • The material is ASTM material and its manufacturing standard is ASME B16.11.ASME B16.11 covers pressure-temperature ratings,dimensions,tolerances,marking and material requirements for carbon,stainless and alloy steels.The material form of optional material is forgings,round bars and seamless tubes.The commonly used materials are ASTM A105,A182,A350 or A694.
  • Socket welded pipe fittings have three pressure classes: Class 3000,6000 and 9000.
Stainless steel forged threaded elbow A182 F316 90 degree

Stainless steel forged threaded elbow A182 F316 90 degree

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