How is the hot pushing elbow formed?

At present, the elbow is widely used in pipeline systems. The commonly used seamless elbow is mainly hot pushing elbow, stamping elbow and extrusion elbow. Next, we will mainly talk about how to make the hot pushing elbow.

Hot pushing elbow is an elbow pushing machine, which pushes the embryo of the elbow on the mold forward, and at the same time, the embryo is heated, expanded and bent to form. The forming process of hot pushing elbow mainly has three heating methods: reflector furnace heating, flame heating and high frequency or medium frequency induction heating. The appropriate heating method is adopted according to the requirements of specific products.

The forming process of hot push elbow

The forming process of hot push elbow

The main characteristics of the hot pushing elbow forming process are:

  • The diameter of the embryo of the hot push elbow is determined according to the constant volume of the steel before and after plastic deformation.
  • The diameter of the embryo is less than the diameter of the finished hot pushing elbow.
  • Control the deformation process of the embryo through the mold, so that the compressed steel at the inner arc of the embryo flows and moves to the place where the thickness is reduced due to the diameter expansion, so as to produce the hot push elbow with uniform wall thickness.
  • Beautiful appearance and uniform wall thickness.
  • Continuous operation and mass production can be carried out.

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