How do Chinese foreign trade under the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)?

New coronavirus (2019-nCoV) disease affects all parts of the country from  all walks of life in China.

For us foreign trader, traffic control, resume work delay , many direct and indirect effects will cause the order delivery delay, no quotation , and so on, how the Chinese factory do under this situation?

Measures have also been introduced throughout the country to reduce the burden on enterprises during the epidemic prevention and control period.All the foreign trader company do a lot to deal with this situation.

Piping products flanges,butt welding pipe fittings and forged fittings

Piping products flanges,butt welding pipe fittings and forged fittings

Tom said, as the Leader of HaiHao Group,we must have long-term thinking and long-term vision, he collect information about epidemic situation and the whole national economic trends every day , although the original working rhythm is disrupted but he adjust the company’s strategy ,make employee work at home .

Secondly,our product is flange and pipe fittings ,the raw material factory may not open until the end of Feb.There is 400 workers in our factory,they will come back continuously.It is expected that we will work normally at the end of march .

At last , HaiHao Group has established a practical and effective epidemic prevention plan, and specific epidemic prevention measures have been implemented.

1. All people wear masks to work  and regularly eliminate the virus in the office, prevent infection.

2. physical examination of returning workers , reporting and emergency treatment of possible infection and fever.

3. Take stock of the existing inventory, sort out the material vacancy situation, and give priority to make up the materials used for the production of the existing orders (if the material price is stable, we can prepare the key materials for the next month in advance, so as to prevent the outbreak of orders in the later period and the supply shortage caused by the epidemic).

4. Calculate the required workshop personnel and shift (working hours) according to the production arrangement, and adjust personnel work.

5. Make clear the transportation situation of logistics company.

We are fully confident and capable of winning the fight against the epidemic

The outbreak is under China’s control and will soon be resolved soon!we believe,how about you?

Pipe fittings and flanges packing

Pipe fittings and flanges packing