Haihao Group fix a equal tee for customer from Kuwait

Recently,a customer from Kuwait came to me with a long face and asked if I knew how to fix a equal tee.What’s going on?It turned out that he had been cheated by the previous supplier!There was a serious deviation at the end of the bend,but now the project has started to operate and there is no time to replace the new product,so he came to me,hoping that our company could help figure out a way to solve this problem.

After observing the pictures he sent me,our technical team preliminarily speculated that the production equipment of the previous supplier was too old,and had not been updated for a long time,so the parameters of the equipment were not accurate.

Our company has been fully cooperating with the customer to solve the problem.In fact,for the pipe fitting manufacturer,it is necessary to replace the production equipment.If the equipment has not been checked and replaced in time,it will easily cause irreparable losses to both the customer and itself.Our company has purchased a set of advanced production equipment these days,which will be introduced in detail in the next article.If you are interested, please turn to the next article for reading.

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