Difference between common tee and barred tee

Tee is a type of fittings that allows fluid to flow on its main pipe and branch out. The branch can be designed equally the same size as the main pipe (known as equal tee), or smaller size than the main pipe (known as reducing tee).

Barred Tee is a special type of tee that base from a normal tee (can be either equal tee or reducing tee) that at later stage, will be added with bar plates inside the branch outlet (From inside it looks like a steel cage) to restrict the pig from flowing from the header pipe into the branch pipes.

ASME B16.9 ASTM A403 WP304L equal tees

ASME B16.9 ASTM A403 WP304L equal tees

Design Codes and Standards for Tee and Barred Tee

1.The international standard dimension of tee will be covered under ASME B16.9 or MSS-SP 75 (for DN16 and above).

2.There is no international standard dimension for the barred tee. It is custom made using the ASME B16.9/ MSS-SP 75 tee as a base. However, many develop their barred tee based on Shell DEP ISO 15590-2 standard.

Barred tees(pigged tees)

Barred tees(pigged tees)

So from the above discussion,we can summarize the following differences:

Parameter Tee Barred Tee
Definition Standard Pipe Fitting A special type of piping component
Manufacturing Generally by Extrusion or forging Mostly Fabricated
Use Used in both piping and pipeline engineering used in pipeline engineering near the pig launcher/receiver
Design Code / Standard ASME B 16.9/MSS SP 75 Shell DEP or ISO 15590-2
Production Quantity Large scale in bulk Select small quantities (custom made)
Cost Cheaper Costlier than normal Tee

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