Forged pipes for Russian submarine pipeline projects

Forging pipe is a kind of forging. The essence of forging processing is to use the plasticity of metal and its ability to produce plastic deformation. With the help of tools or molds, under the action of external impact force or pressure, the blank is formed into a certain shape, A processing method of mechanical parts or blanks whose size, internal structure and mechanical properties meet the requirements.

Forgings not only have high utilization rate of materials and high dimensional accuracy, but also the most important thing is that their structure and properties are greatly improved, the shape and dimensional stability are good, the fiber structure is reasonably refined, the distribution of the second phase is improved, and the plasticity of the forgings is improved. , The impact toughness has been greatly improved, and the performance change between forgings and forgings is small. Based on the above advantages, forgings processing has been widely used in the production of parts in various industrial sectors.

ASTM A694 F52 Forged Pipes

ASTM A694 F52 Forged Pipes

As shown in the picture are 10 forged pipes Short pipe, Length 500 mm, Diameter 406,4 mm, Thickness 15,9 mm, ASTM A694 F52, Pipe flange simulators of Weld Neck Flange (for welders training).

Since this batch of forged pipes will be used in subsea pipeline engineering, the conditions are relatively short, complex and special. Our company attaches great importance to this order. After many times of communication with customers and strict control of each link, it was finally carried out in August delivery of forged tubes. If you have the needs of forging pipe forgings, Hebei Haihao Group will always welcome you!