The delivery of ASTM A105 bushing

Recently, one of our Indonesian customers placed an order for a batch of bushings. The size is 3/4″ ~2″, the pressure is 3000# and 6000#, the material is ASTM A105.

The production has been finished today, the size and thickness have been tested to be qualified, and we are preparing for delivery. These bushings will be used in the construction of a sewage treatment plant in Indonesia.

ASTM A105 Bushing

ASTM A105 Bushing

Bushing is a forged spare part, used to connect two different pipe diameters with internal and external threads. At present, bushing is widely used in large-scale power station engineering, chemical engineering, oil refining, water treatment engineering and other pipeline engineering.

As a professional manufacturer of flanges, pipe fittings, pipes and other pipe products, Hebei Haihao Group can produce various types of bushings. If you have any need, please feel free to contact us.