Extrusion method and hot forming method for pipe elbow manufacturing process

As talked in the previous articles,there are four well known Pipe Elbow Manufacturing Process.They are Mandrel method, Extrusion Method, UO Method and Hot Forming Method.

Today would learn the other two methods:Extrusion Method and Hot Forming Method.

Manufacturing process of pipe elbows

Manufacturing process of pipe elbows

Extrusion Method

In cold extrusion method, a pipe with the same diameter as a finished product is pushed through a die and formed into its desired shape. Usually applied to stainless steel small to medium sizes elbows.

A cut pipe piece is pushed into the cold bending die. Proper lubrication is required to avoid excessive friction and protect surface finish of the final elbow.In next stage, the elbow is sent for heat treatment and machining before its offers for visual and dimension inspection.

The pushing process of pipe elbow

The pushing process of pipe elbow

Hot Forming Method

In a hot forming die bending method a pipe is heated to forming temperature & formed in the die with the specific shape, this process may be repeated as needed to obtain the required shape, size, and wall thickness. Usually applied to thick-wall items that cannot be bent on a mandrel die

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