DIN2605 STD 1/2″-72″ ST 45.8/II Black Paint Bend

DIN2605 STD 1/2″-72″ ST 45.8/II Black Paint Bend

DIN2605 bend (hot induction bend) is a pipe fitting which is used to achieve a change in pipe direction or flow direction.In our steel pipe fittings system,the DIN2605 bend commonly means the hot induction bend which is produced in the method of hot induction bending,it is a different manufacture method with the standard steel elbow.

In Hebei Haihao,we produce hot induction bend according to standards:ASME/ASME B16.9,ASME/ANSI B16.11,MSS SP-75,MSS SP-75,MSS SP-43,BS EN 10253,DIN 2605,2609,2615,2616,DIN28011,GOST 17375,17376,17378,17379,17380,30753,JIS B2311,JIS B2312,JIS B2313,JIS B2316,ISO 3419,ISO 5251,etc.(Sch80 MSS SP-43 45°Carbon Steel Bend)

In addition to manufacturing DIN2605 bends,we also produce DIN2605 butt weld pipe fittings products include:elbows,tees,lateral tees,reducers,caps,bends,crosses,stub ends,,insulation joints,etc.

DIN2605 STD 1/2"-72" ST 45.8/II Black Paint Bend

DIN2605 STD 1/2″-72″ ST 45.8/II Black Paint Bend

DIN2605 Bend Schedule:

We mainly produce DIN2605 bend schedule are:SCH20,SCH30,STD,SCH40,SCH60,XS,SCH80,SCH100,etc.

DIN2605 Bend Size:

we produce the size of the DIN2605 bend are:1/2″-72″ or DN15-DN1800.We according to different needs of customers to produce the corresponding size of the products.

DIN2605 Bend Coating:

Products coating mainly include:black paint,yellow paint,vanish oil.The DIN2605 bend of the coating is black paint.

DIN2605 Bend Material:

We produce the DIN2605 bend of main materials are:

Carbon steel,Stainless steel,Alloy steel:ASTM A105,A182 F5,F9,F11,F12,F22,A234 WPB,WP5,WP9,WP11,WP12,WP22,WP91,A403 WP304L,WP316L,WP321,ASTM S420 WPL6,ASTM A860 WPHY42,WPHY52,WPHY60,WPHY65,WPHY70,JIS G3454,BS EN10253,S235,S355,DIN ST37,ST52,GOST CT20, ST 45.8/II.

Hebei Haihao Group is professional in DIN2605 bends products.We have a complete set of equipments including advanced cutting,forging,machining,drilling machines and professional testing & inspection instruments.Welcome to contact us when you have any need about all kinds of DIN2605 bends and other types of DIN2605 butt weld pipe fittings.