MSS SP-83 Threaded Union

MSS SP-83 threaded union is a kind of active pipe connecting pipe fitting, which is easy to disassemble and assemble.Threaded unions are widely used for pipe connections of different diameters, as well as for instrumentation and valve and pipe connections.Generally speaking, a complete union shall consist of three parts: the male end, the female end, and the nut.Two pipes are connected at both ends, and the nuts are connected at both ends like a coupling.It is forged from round steel or ingots and then shaped with slats.It connects the pipe by thread, including internal thread type and external thread type.

MSS SP-83 Threaded Pipe Unions

MSS SP-83 Threaded Pipe Unions

Standards of Class 3000 Threaded Union

MSS SP-83 is the standard of threaded union. In addition to that, ASME B16.11 threaded union is another choice. The different between this two standards is that they developed and approved by different organizations and ASME B16.11 is for forged steel fittings while MSS SP-83 is for class 3000 unions only.

Quality Control

Based on MSS SP-83, we manufacture and supply thread fittings for customers in Singapore, Nigeria, Ghana, Mexico, Australia and other countries..Its chemical composition and mechanical properties also are tested.In addition, we also provide test reports, MTC and ISO certificates.