A234 WPB stud ends exported to Dubai

Stud end refers to the flat part or curved part of the blank, using the role of the mold, so that it along the closed or not closed curve edge formed a certain Angle of straight wall or flange molding method. Stud end is a stamping process. There are many kinds of stud end, and the classification methods are not the same. According to the deformation properties can be divided into elongation type stud end and compression type stud end. Usually, stud end process is the last processing process of the contour shape or solid shape of stamping parts. stud end part is mainly used for stamping parts to connect each other (welding, riveting, bonding, etc.), some stud end is the product streamline or aesthetic requirements.

Some time ago, we exported a batch of stud ends made of A234 WPB standard material to Dubai.

After the stud end of A234 WPB is manufactured, the first thing to determine is whether the appearance meets the standard, and the parameters are responsible for. A234 WPB stud end components will be tested after no problem. When the detected indicators meet the standards, we will send the test results to the customer for confirmation, and only after the customer agrees, we will ship the qualified products to the customer. Please see the below picture.

A234 WPB Stud End

A234 WPB Stud End

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