Which code and standard are used in Oil and Gas?

If you are working in Oil and Gas, then most commonly used code and standard are developed by various American Institute. Some of them are;

1.First is ASME Codes – ASME is American Society of Mechanical Engineer. ASME Published various designed codes and dimension standard that are used in refinery, petrochemical plant and power plant.

2.Next is ASTM Standard – ASTM is American Society for Testing and materials. ASTM published a various material standard that used in almost all industries. ASTM has published a total of 15 sections out of these only section 1, section 2, and section 3 is used very frequently process industry. Within these sections, there are different volumes that cover various material. For example, Section 1 has eight volumes, section 2 has five volumes, and section 3 has six volumes.

ASME B16.9 90 degree short radius elbows

ASME B16.9 90 degree short radius elbows

3.Next is the API Standard and Recommended Practice – API is American Petroleum Institute that published Standard and Recommended Practices that are used in the petroleum This is industry specific institute whereas ASME and ASTM published standards and codes that are used in general application also. Recommended practices are used in operation and maintenance of the process facilities.

4.Next is AWS – AWS is American welding society. As the name suggests, AWS published various code and standard that use for welding. ASME Section IX is also used to developed different welding procedure that used in a process What I have seen is AWS codes used in structural application more than the process application. As most process piping and equipment are designed using ASME Code and Standard so they follow ASME Section IX for the welding.

Mitered elbows under AWWA C208 Use 5 pieces to weld

Mitered elbows under AWWA C208 Use 5 pieces to weld

5.Next is AWWA – AWWA is American Water Works Association. Standard published by AWWA is used in a process plant for water treatment facilities and water transport pipeline.

These are the some of the well-known American Standard and Codes that regularly used in any process facilities such as refinery, petrochemical plant, offshore and onshore oil production facilities.

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