What’s ASTM D4101?

This specification covers polypropylene materials,suitable for injection molding and extrusion,that include unreinforced polypropylene with natural color only, unfilled and unreinforced polypropylene,calcium carbonate filled polypropylene, glass reinforced polypropylene, polypropylene copolymers,and talc filled polypropylene. Polymers consist of homopolymer, copolymers, and elastomer compounded with or without the addition of impact modifiers (ethylene-propylene rubber,polyisobutylene rubber, and butyl rubber), colorants, stabilizers, lubricants, or reinforcements. Tests shall be conducted on each of the specimens to determine the required physical and mechanical properties of the materials. The specimens for the various materials shall conform to the following requirements: nominal flow rate; test specimen dimensions; tensile stress at yield; flexural modulus; Izod impact resistance; deflection temperature; and multiaxial impact ductile-brittle transition temperature.

This classification system allows for the use of those polypropylene materials that can be recycled, reconstituted, and reground, provided that: (1) the requirements as stated in this classification system are met, and (2) the material has not been modified in any way to alter its conformance to food contact regulations or similar requirements. The proportions of recycled, reconstituted, and reground material used, as well as the nature and the amount of any contaminant, cannot be practically covered in this classification system. It is the responsibility of the supplier and the buyer of recycled, reconstituted, and reground materials to ensure compliance.

There are some different types in ASTM D4101,we have a project requiring type I. Type I means polypropylene (PP) – a propylene plastic prepared by the polymerization of propylene r propylene with other alphaolefins. Recently, a project requires that cast steel fittings be used for lining, and the standard is ASTM D4101 TYPE I, which is also polypropylene lining with 3.18mm thickness. In fact, we are very familiar with PTFE lining,and we did many products with PTFE lined. Hope to get this project as soon as possible, we will update the photos of the polypropylene lining.