What should we pay attention to when transporting large-sized elbows?

With large-sized elbows, the production process is no longer a difficult task. In general, elbows from 24 inches to 30 inches can be made directly on the push machine with ERW steel pipes (the pushing process of pipe elbow), but elbows above 30 inches can only be made of steel plates.The steel plate is first cut into elbow-shaped pieces,then pressed,and finally two semi-finished products are welded. Of course, X-ray inspection is a necessary means for detecting welds.When the perfect finished elbow was in front of us and was ready to be shipped to customers happily,did we ignore a problem? That is, the size of the elbow is too large, and the middle is empty, so it is easily crushed during transportation, causing the port to become oval. This requires that before transportation, we must weld a steel pipe to the ends of the elbow to support the port so that it is not easy to deform.

Large sized elbows with support

Large sized elbows with support

Recently,we have just completed orders for Singapore customers,all of which are large-size elbows.Although the customer did not ask for support initially,we still recommend this and the customers are very satisfied with our suggestions.

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