What needs to be done before welding bends?

Pipe bends are also common in our daily life. The products can be seen in many places.The products are widely used in the fields of navigation,electric power,petroleum and chemical industry. The products mainly occupy a very important position in gas transportation,oil transportation and infusion.

Connecting two bends together is the welding work for them.Welding can extend the length of the pipe and provide more convenience for transportation.However,before welding the two pipes together,the following work should be done:

Carbon steel 3D pipe bends finished in Haihao Group

Carbon steel 3D pipe bends finished in Haihao Group

1.Welding wire is required for welding elbow,which cannot be connected with equipment with induction coil,and the part connected with welding tongs shall be firm and reliable.

2.Pipe welding needs grinding,and grinding requires electric grinding tools.Therefore,before using electric grinding tools,the grinding wheel must be checked,such as whether the grinding wheel needs to be replaced and whether it is loose, so as to prepare for welding bend.

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