What is the stud bolt? Why choose stud?

Stud bolts are used in large-scale equipment that requires installation accessories, such as sight glasses, mechanical seal seats, and reduction racks. When in use, one end is screwed into the main body, and the other end is fitted with a nut after the attachment is installed. Since the attachment is often disassembled, the thread will be worn or damaged. It is very convenient to use stud bolts to replace. In addition, it is also suitable for connecting thick plates and places where it is inconvenient to use hexagonal bolts, such as concrete roof truss, roof beam suspension monorail beam suspension, etc.

In actual work, external loads such as vibration, change, and high-temperature creep of the material will reduce the friction. The positive pressure in the thread pair disappears at a certain moment, and the friction is zero, which makes the thread connection loose. If repeated action, the thread connection It will relax and fail. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent loosening, otherwise it will affect normal work and cause accidents.

Stud bolts c w 2 nuts A193 B7 A194 2H coated with FLUOROCARBON heavy hex nut with TOMMY BAR HOLE

Stud bolts c w 2 nuts A193 B7 A194 2H coated with FLUOROCARBON heavy hex nut with TOMMY BAR HOLE

Stud bolts save time and cost. The structure of all stud bolts does not require drilling, punching, threading, riveting, threading and finishing steps, and continuously expands the application potential of structural design, high current and small penetration. Therefore, it can be welded to very thin plates. The workpiece for stud welding must be welded from one side. It can be welded in all positions and can be restricted with the help of an extender on the vertical partition. Because it is welded in a short time and there is little deformation after welding, no trimming is required. Because the welded structure does not require drilling, it will not cause leakage. The joint can reach very high strength, that is, the joint strength of stud welding is greater than the strength of the stud itself.

The good economy of stud bolts has the advantage of other welding methods in welding power. For mass-produced workpieces, standard studs are low-cost. There are many types of equipment and welding guns, and the purchase cost of equipment is relatively low. According to the product, it can be made into a multi-station automatic welding machine or a high-precision gantry CNC automatic welding machine. Stud welding has a higher quality reproduction rate and a smaller rejection rate. However, in the application of stud welding, attention should be paid to other fusion welding, which has certain restrictions on the carbon content in steel. For structural steel studs, weld according to the weldability of the recommended stud material and base metal combination, otherwise the stud There will be infusibility between it and the base metal. The combination of stud materials and base materials outside the recommended range shall be tested to determine the weldability and the product design requirements of anchor bolts for relevant inspection and evaluation possibilities.

Stud bolts generally need to undergo surface treatment. There are many types of bolt surface treatments. Generally, electroplating, blackening, oxidation, phosphating, and non-electrolytic zinc flake coating are commonly used. However, electroplated fasteners occupies a large proportion in the actual use of fasteners. Especially in industries and fields such as automobiles, tractors, home appliances, instrumentation, aerospace, and communications. However, for threaded fasteners, not only a certain anti-corrosion ability is required in use, but also the interchangeability of threads must be guaranteed, which can also be referred to as screwability here. In order to meet the dual use performance of “anti-corrosion” and “interchangeability” required by threaded fasteners at the same time, it is very necessary to formulate special plating standards.

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