How to deal with the magnetism of elbow?

In order to obtain good appearance quality of elbows in the traditional production process, various methods will be selected to improve the quality of products in use. Elbows can be directly used with high-strength molds, and can also be used in the production process. Good functions will occur directly in the application process.

When using acid washing solution to clean the pipeline, because of the corrosion of acid pickling solution, if the skin is accidentally contacted, it is necessary to clean the pipeline with tap water immediately. In the tortuous process of stainless steel pipe, the surplus waste liquid needs to be treated immediately. The pickling solution should be placed in a cool and ventilated place during storage. The whole product is only suitable for industrial use. This product is scrubbed with a brush and a cloth dipped in acid lotion, and then try to scrub the surface to be treated. Elbows are suitable for industrial use only, remove the pickling solution with a brush and scrub the welds and surfaces to be treated.

Stainless steel 90 degree elbows

Stainless steel 90 degree elbows

The bending of elbow can be planned according to the needs of users, which is basically a fixed tortuosity, which will not damage the pipeline. However, a very disturbing problem is the tortuosity of magnetism. As we all know, magnetism can affect the use of pipes, but also affect their judgment. The solution is simple, but do you know how to get rid of it?

The magnetism of elbow comes from the movement of electrons in atoms. The raw materials used in the production line are different. There are many small current circuits in one direction, and the total magnetic field strength is greater than that in other directions. Therefore, magnetic field will occur.

It is recommended to heat process the elbow. The high temperature solid solution can make the pipe stable. If there is too much iron on the pipe, you can try to use the magnetic filter to absorb the excess iron on the pipe. If you want to remove the magnetic function of the elbow, the above has been described in detail, remember that in the production process must detect its magnetism, and then remove it in time. Perhaps a small number of magnetism will not be taken seriously, but for future use, it must be removed.

In short, in the daily construction process, it is inevitable to use all kinds of elbows, such as marine pipes, car oil pipes and other pipes, which play a very important role. Therefore, the magnetic properties of elbows are still removed to make them play a great role.

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