What is polyurethane insulation material?

Polyurethane insulation pipe,full name:high-density polyethylene plastic external protective polyurethane foam precast directly buried insulation pipe,from the conveying medium work pipe,polyurethane insulation layer,polyethylene plastic external protection pipe,through equipment in turn.

Characteristic of polyurethane insulation material:

  1. Reduce project cost.
  2. Low heat loss, energy saving.
  3. Anticorrosion, good insulation and long service life.
  4. Less land occupation, fast construction, favorable for environmental protection.
  5. Safety.
Polyurethane insulation pipe

Polyurethane insulation pipe


The high density polyethylene plastic external protective polyurethane foam prefabricated directly buried insulation pipe is welcomed by people for its excellent performance, convenient construction and long service life. Its structure is three parts: external protective layer, thermal insulation layer and anti leakage layer, and the outer protective layer material is polyethylene jacket pipe or glass fiber reinforced plastic or other materials. There are three ways of laying: directly buried, overhead and trench.


Application scope of polyurethane heat preservation pipeline: heat preservation pipeline is widely used in liquid and gas transmission pipe network, chemical pipeline, heat preservation engineering,petroleum,central heating and heating network,central air conditioning and ventilation pipeline, municipal engineering,etc.

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