Delivery of Ni-alloy Incoloy800 elbow

Last week, we just sent out a batch of elbows made of nickel alloy. The customer is from Malaysia. We have purchased 20 pieces elbows of different sizes as samples.

The nickel alloy (Incoloy800) is similar to the China brand NS111, which is suitable for condensing strip in the medium of F -, Cl -, and ammonia acid.

Ni alloy Incoloy800 elbows

Ni alloy Incoloy800 elbows

It also has good corrosion resistance in H2SO4, HNO3 and their mixed solution. Pressure corrosion resistance.

Corrosion and polyethylene corrosion. Mainly used in nuclear generator, water heater, gas cooler, waste steam boiler.

Hebei haihao group can customize various materials of nickel base alloy pipe fittings: elbow, flange, tee, reducer, and other pipe