What is closed die forging?

Closed die forging is also known as impression die forging.It uses two or more dies,each die contains an impression of the desired shape.Forging in which the material is fully constrained in the cavity created by the upper and lower die halves. It allows for more accurate forming of parts, requires higher interfacial pressure and very precise control of material volume and correct mold design.Closed-die forging is a form of impression-die forging,which does not depend on flash formation to achieve complete filling of the die. Material is deformed in a cavity that allows little or no escape of excess material, thus placing greater demands on die design.

Stainless steel 304 butt weld 90 degee elbows

Stainless steel 304 butt weld 90 degee elbows

Advantages of closed die forging:

Closed die forging can be used to create parts made out of almost all metal materials, including steel, aluminum, and countless other metal alloys. Thanks to no material limitations, parts are able to be made to fit your exact needs.

This type of forging is able to produce near net shapes. As a result, these forged metal components require little or no machining, which saves both time and money.

Closed die forged parts provide better mechanical properties than castings. This is largely due to the internal grain structure formation in forgings.

It’s ability to support high production runs make it one of the most cost effective metalworking process.

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