Video inspection custom caps went smoothly

On Monday, April 25th, our company’s quality inspection personnel and I conducted a video inspection with the Spanish customer’s technical personnel. The content of video inspection is 8 stainless steel tube caps of the last order. The customer required to measure the outer diameter, thickness, height, groove Angle, typing and other data of the stainless steel pipe cap.

316 SCH80 Stainless Steel Custom Caps

316 SCH80 Stainless Steel Custom Caps

The video time agreed with the client is 4:30 PM Chinese time, and the client is 10:00 am.  Due to full preparation in advance, we used wechat group for video detection.  Video screening started at 4:30 p.m. sharp.

After the video inspection officially began, our quality inspection personnel took measurements one by one according to the customer’s requirements, and the customer recorded the data of each size.

This video inspection is very smooth, all sizes are in line with the customer’s requirements and standards. The customer is satisfied with the quality. Balance payment and delivery are being arranged. If you also need stainless steel tube caps, or custom products, please feel free to contact us.