UO method for pipe elbow manufacturing process

There are four well known pipe elbow manufacturing process.They are Mandrel method, Extrusion Method, UO Method and Hot Forming Method.

We would learn UO method today.

180 degree elbows

180 degree elbows

UO method is used to manufacture medium size elbow, tee, and reducers. The plate is cut out into a specially designed shape, it is formed first into a U-shape using a die and then into an O-shape or into a tubular form using another die, that is why this method is known as UO method.

Once the fittings formed in tumbler shaped it is welded from inside and outside of the closing seam. A very large size elbows are made of two separate pieces of plate. In next stage, the elbow is sent for heat treatment and machining before its offers for visual and dimension inspection.

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