The usage of pipe grooved ends joints

A grooved end joint is a mechanical connection,no welding,no thread.It is fromed with a grooved-end pipes,fittings or valves,and a victualic coupling (or equal).The grooved coupling comprises three parts:gasket,housings,and bolts nuts.

The grooved pipes and fittings means the steel pipes or pipe fittings have a groove on the ends,the groove couplings are used to connect the grooved pipes and fittings.(The pipe end type of steel pipes and pipe fittings)

The bolts and nuts are used to hold the housings together,they are tightened with a socket wrench or an impact wrench.The coupling housings engage the end grooves and encase the gasket around the circumference of the two pipes,it can bring a leak-tight seal in the pipe end joint.(Advantage of pipe grooved ends joints)

Flexible Grooved Couplings

Flexible Grooved Couplings

There are two kinds of grooved coupling for different working conditions:

Flexible grooved couplings-allow a limited amount of angular movement.

Rigid grooved couplings-do not allow movement and can be used wherever immobility in the pipe joint is needed,similar to a flanged or welded joint.

Rigid Grooved Couplings

Rigid Grooved Couplings

And there are mechnical tee or cross, also can be used to connect the grooved pipes and fittings.If you have any questions about our grooved end pipe fittings and steel pipes,please contact us immediately.