The British customer inspect the pipeline products

In March, British customers signed a contract with Haihao and ordered a batch of flange, elbow and steel pipe products. The total order is about 30 tons. After receiving the order, Haihao quickly organized production and has already completed partial supply. On October 11, the production of a batch of elbows was completed and they were about to be delivered. Before delivery, the customer would also conduct the final inspection.

inspect the pipeline products

inspect the pipeline products

After several previous deliveries, the customer has fully recognized Haihao’s products, and decided to continue to cooperate with Haihao for the next new project, and told the salesperson of the products needed for the project. At present, the factory is evaluating the products of the new project. If the final price is appropriate, the two parties will carry out more cooperation.

Haihao Group attaches great importance to the quality inspection of products. After the production of products is completed, we will have our own quality inspection team to inspect them. The inspection report can be issued according to customer needs. At the same time, we also support third-party quality inspection, and welcome quality inspection institutions to inspect at any time. Haihao has been specializing in the production of flanges, steel pipes, pipe fittings and other products for more than 40 years. We have full confidence in our products. Welcome to consult us.