The advantages of thermodynamic steam trap

The thermodynamic steam trap consists of a simple metal disc type valve which opens and closes over a seat,is popular because of so many advantages.

Thermodynamic steam traps combine reliability, simplicity and efficiency of operation. With just one moving part – a hardened stainless steel disc – they give a blast discharge with clean, tight shut-off. Able to withstand super heat, water hammer, corrosive condensate, freezing and vibration.

Thermodynamic traps can operate across their entire working range without any adjustment or change of internals.

They are compact, simple, lightweight and have a large condensate capacity for their size.

Thermodynamic Steam Trap

Thermodynamic Steam Trap

Thermodynamic traps can be used on high pressure and superheated steam and are not affected by water hammer or vibration. The all stainless steel construction offers a high degree of resistance to corrosive condensate.

Thermodynamic traps are not damaged by freezing and are unlikely to freeze if installed with the disc in a vertical plane and discharging freely to atmosphere. However, operation in this position may result in wear of the disc edge.

As the disc is the only moving part, maintenance can easily be carried out without removing the trap from the line.

The audible ‘click’ which occurs as the trap opens and closes makes trap testing very straightforward.

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