Singapore customer elbow delivery

At the end of last year, a customer in Singapore ordered a batch of pipeline supporting products in Haihao for a local oil project. Products include butt welding flange, threaded flange, seamless steel pipe and elbow, with a total amount of about 60 tons. Today, the last batch of products has been packaged and will be delivered to the customer’s project.

delivered elbows and steel pipes

delivered elbows and steel pipes

The delivered products include large diameter elbow, small elbow and 4m steel pipe. Before delivery, the steel pipe is packed with fiber to prevent wear during transportation. This batch of goods is expected to be delivered in the afternoon and transferred to Singapore by sea after arriving at the port tomorrow. It is expected to arrive in about ten days.

In recent years, Haihao Group has participated in more and more foreign projects. In addition to ordinary oil pipelines, Haihao also actively participated in other special environmental projects, such as submarine pipelines, FPSOs, nuclear power plants, wind power, desert pipelines, etc. After more than 40 years of market tests, Haihao’s flange, steel pipe, pipe fittings and other pipeline engineering supporting products have been unanimously recognized by customers at home and abroad. You are welcome to consult.