Reducing pipe neck technology

A reducing pipe is a pipe fitting used at the tapering point of a pipe. Usually the forming process is to reduce the diameter of pressing, expanding the diameter of pressing or reducing the diameter of pressing and expanding the diameter of pressing, for some specifications of the size of the head can also be used stamping forming. The characteristics of reducing pipe are that the strength of carbon steel is significantly higher than that of carbon steel with the same amount of carbon, and it has good toughness and plasticity as well as good weld ability and corrosion resistance.

Concentric swage nipples and eccentric swage nipples

Concentric swage nipples and eccentric swage nipples

The reducing forming process of the reducing pipe is to put the tube blank with the same diameter as the big end of the reducing pipe into the forming die. By pressing along the axial direction of the tube blank, the metal moves along the die cavity and contracts to form. According to the size of reducing pipe, it can be divided into one pressing forming or multiple pressing forming. Expansion forming is formed by using the tube blank which is smaller than the diameter of the big end of the reducing pipe, and the inner die is formed by expanding the diameter along the inner diameter of the tube blank. The expanding process mainly solves the problem that the reducing pipe is not easy to be formed by reducing diameter. Sometimes, according to the material and product forming needs, the method of expanding and reducing diameter is used in combination. In the process of reducing or expanding the diameter, according to different materials and reducing the diameter, determine the use of cold pressure or hot pressure. Use cold pressure as far as possible, but for the case of severe work hardening caused by multiple diameter changes, thick wall or alloy steel materials should be used hot pressure. In addition to the use of steel pipe as raw material for reducing pipe production, some specifications of reducing pipe can also be used steel plate stamping forming process for production.

Reducing pipe shrinkage, heat one end of the large-caliber pipe to a red-hot state, hit it with a hammer,reduce its caliber,and become a large and small pipe fitting, commonly known as “size head”.Sometimes the diameter difference between the two ends is too big,the end of the large-caliber pipe cut off a few arcs of triangular pieces,and then reheating to the state of red heat, with a hammer,so that it cut off the gap back together to form a joint,and will form a small port round, and then weld the joint.

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